Tenured and Tenure Track Dossier Submission Deadline



Dossiers Due in Keck Office for Faculty Affairs

April 1 Mid-Probationary Mini-Dossiers for Tenure Track Faculty
July 1 Promotion to Professor with Tenure
October 1 Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure


The dates in the table above show deadlines for submission of Tenured or Tenure Track dossiers and Mid-Probationary mini-dossier review to the Office for Faculty Affairs. The dossiers must have been assembled and reviewed by the department APT committee and Chair before submission. Supplemental or additional materials may be submitted to Faculty Affairs at any time up to a decision, once a dossier has been submitted for review. However, there is no guarantee that new material will be reviewed by FAPTC or UCAPT prior to the decision.

Promotion for faculty who have a mandatory decision date are generally reviewed at UPC in the spring semester. These dossiers always have higher priority for UCAPT review than any other submission. Therefore, dossiers for promotion as Clinical Scholar or Professor with tenure may be submitted after July 1, but there is no guarantee their review will be completed during the Fall semester. Dossiers for promotion on any clinical or research series may be submitted at any time of the year.