Appointments, Promotions, and Career Advancement

The Office for Faculty Affairs oversees procedures regarding appointments, promotions and career advancement. The office coordinates all faculty-related matters, including hires and terminations.

Faculty Affairs works with each department to help navigate the various processes and policies and to fill any gaps in knowledge.

Appointments and Promotions Guidelines

The office assists departments with understanding the criteria and processes associated with appointments and promotions. The office also assists faculty with understanding the actions required to reach career advancement goals.
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Request for Recruitment

The Office for Faculty Affairs manages the recruitment process. To find out more details about the full scope of how the office completes this process, click the link below.
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Promotion Series for Research and Clinical Faculty

Find information on Keck School research and clinical faculty appointments, promotions and track changes. Learn more about the promotional tracks available to research and clinical faculty and find out how to change your promotional track.
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Tenure Track Faculty

Find information on Keck School tenured appointments, promotions and track changes in the University’s UCAPT Manual (University Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure). Learn more about the promotional tracks available to tenured faculty and criteria needed to receive a promotion.
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Appointments and Promotions Committees

The appointments and promotions committees review applications for hiring, promotions and appointments. The Office for Faculty Affairs assists with ensuring that each department is prepared for its presentation to the various committees.
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Dossier Submission Deadlines

Find out the deadlines for submission of Tenured or Tenure Track dossiers and Mid-Probationary mini-dossier review to the Office for Faculty Affairs. The dossiers must have been assembled and reviewed by the department APT committee and chair before submission.
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Probationary Period for Tenure Track Faculty

At the Keck School of Medicine, the probationary period is 8 years for basic scientists (with a mandatory tenure decision date at the end of 7 years), and 9 years for physician-scientists with clinical assignments (with a mandatory tenure decision date at the end of 8 years).
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Joint and Dual Appointments

Faculty may receive one or more joint appointments in other school(s) at USC or dual appointments within other departments at the Keck School (or Institutes, as described below). The appointments are usually at the same rank.
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CV Template and Instructions

Find attached a CV template for Keck School of Medicine Faculty, as well as, instructions for completing the template for both Mac or PC users.
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Personal Statements

The Keck School of Medicine offers guidelines for personal statements for tenure track, clinical scholar, and clinical series faculty members, as well as faculty on the clinician educator, practitioner, and research track.
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Responsibilities in the Appointments and Promotion Process

Find information regarding steps taken during the promotion process. During the appointment or promotion process, once a dossier has been submitted, there are no updates about where a dossier is in the process. This is because all steps in the process between submission and decision are advisory and result in recommendations to the final decision maker, the Dean or Provost, as appropriate.
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