Vacation Management

Procedures for faculty time-off

For details regarding eligibility for faculty vacation, please refer to the most recent copy of the Faculty Handbook.

All faculty are responsible for entering their time-off requests into Workday, and their managers are responsible for reviewing and approving/denying the time-off requests. For information regarding who is responsible for approvals regarding your time-off requests, please contact your department administrator.

The documents linked below are brief guides on utilizing Workday to enter, correct, and cancel time-off requests. The most up-to-date versions of the guides below can be found at

Please note that while the guides specify a unit of time in hours, vacation for monthly exempt faculty is tracked and processed in days, not hours.

Requesting Time Off (download)
Correcting Time Off (download)
Canceling a Time Off request (download)

Updating vacation dates for multiple faculty

Days of vacation taken by multiple faculty can be uploaded into Workday on a monthly basis. The dates should be filled out on the spreadsheet below, with each date entered on a separate line.

The spreadsheet needs to be submitted on a monthly basis, with the due date being the second Monday of the month.

Please note the following:

  • One spreadsheet can be used for multiple faculty and multiple dates
  • Please be sure to include their 7 digit ID number
  • Please verify that the dates being submitted on the spreadsheet have not already been submitted in Workday. It is possible for faculty to be debited twice for the same day if they are submitted twice.

Form to submit multiple dates of vacation (download)