Procedures for requesting Changes in Status

Administrative stipends/positions

All administrative appointments carrying a title must be approved by the Dean and Provost’s office. This includes titles that do not carry with them an associated administrative stipend.

Please submit the following paperwork:

This process can take up to 30 days due to the required paperwork. Please plan accordingly.
Please note that retro-active appointments will not be approved. 
Faculty should not begin working in a position until everything has undergone the appropriate approvals. For assistance, contact Faculty Affairs.

Increases/Decreases in % Effort

For changes in % effort, whether effective mid-year or end-of-year, the following paperwork is required:

Please note that retro-active appointments will not be approved.
Once the appropriate approvals have been obtained, a new letter of offer will be drafted by the Office for Faculty Affairs.

All requests and paperwork should be submitted to:


Additional Payments

Teaching/Service Overloads

Teaching overloads for didactic teaching performed throughout the year must be approved prior to the courses beginning. Faculty should be getting paid for their teaching efforts in the months they are performing their teaching.

Please submit a memo from the Chair addressed to the Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs regarding the teaching assignment, specifying the length of the teaching assignment as well as the amount requested.

Clinical Service Overloads

If your department compensation plan contains additional compensation for on-call hours worked, then you can use the Annual Cap Change Request Form to submit requests for an annual “cap” which is the total amount annually permitted to be paid to the faculty. Requests for payment will be processed on a monthly basis.

Please use the Monthly CSO Submission form to request Clinical Service Overloads for on-call compensation. The deadline for this submission will change on a monthly basis, based on the deadlines provided by Payroll and HR. An e-mail will be sent out on a monthly basis to all departments regarding this deadline.

All requests and paperwork should be submitted to: