Become a Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician

Clinician Report

The USC-ATTC offers the opportunity to become a LEVEL I CERTIFIED ITCT-A CLINICIAN. As a funded Category II Center of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), we are pleased to make this professional certification available to clinicians at no cost.

All certification requirements can be completed online through the USC-ATTC LEARNING PORTAL.

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Summary of National Training Requirements for Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician

1. Before completing the certification process:

  • Obtain a master’s degree (or equivalent) that includes clinical training in a mental health-related field.
  • Obtain a state license that allows independent clinical practice.

2. Complete at least six (6) hours of ITCT-A training provided by a USC-ATTC approved trainer.

3. Complete web-based training on the USC-ATTC guide: Integrative Treatment of Complex Trauma for Adolescents (ITCT-A) Treatment Guide, 2nd edition.

4. Attend or view two (2) ITCT-A webinars.

5. Complete a written case report of an adolescent treated with ITCT-A for at least 12 sessions. All three parts must be completed to receive credit.

  • Part I. Briefly describe the relevant history, assessment of risks, and the client’s strengths.
  • Part II. Complete an Assessment-Treatment Flowchart for Adolescents (ATF-A or ATF-A-II).
  • Part III. Outline a comprehensive treatment plan. Describe ITCT-A interventions used, the course of treatment, and treatment outcome.

6. Attend at least six (6) regularly scheduled video consultation calls. During one consultation call, present a 30-minute clinical case that utilized ITCT-A.

7. Complete at least two (2) separate ITCT-A cases with appropriate adolescent clients.

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If you have any questions about certification, please email the USC-ATTC Training Director, Karianne Chen, MS, LMFT at