Basic Science Research

Division of Nephrology faculty are actively involved in both basic and clinical research. Within the KRC facilities, Dr. Hallows is studying the metabolic control of kidney epithelial salt and water transport mechanisms with relevance to hypertension, acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. He is also studying the role of metabolic changes in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease at various levels: (1) the molecular and cellular level using in vitro model systems and electrophysiological, molecular genetic, biochemical, and imaging techniques; (2) animal disease models using in vivo imaging and functional studies (e.g., of metabolism, metabolomics and proteomics); and (3) patient samples (analysis of urine to identify and evaluate novel biomarkers that inform on disease severity, prognosis and response to new therapies). Dr. Pastor-Soler is studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which metabolic pathways in the kidney are affected by acidosis, a known predictor of CKD progression. She is also studying renal cell carcinomas with the aim to confirm a novel biomarker that could be used clinically to assess the presence and severity of this disease. Dr. Campese has been studying the role of the sympathetic nervous system in hypertension associated with kidney disease as well as essential hypertension. He is also involved in studying the role of renal denervation or baroreceptor stimulation in patients with resistant hypertension. Other faculty have a variety of clinical protocols dealing with diabetic nephropathy, bone disease, progression of kidney disease, kidney transplantation, vitamin deficiency in chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, transplantation and nutrition in patients with acute kidney injury.

Honors & Awards

Kenneth R. Hallows, MD, PhD, FASN

  • Baltimore PKD Core Center Pilot Grant Award
  • U.S. Department of Defense Investigator-Initiated Research Award
  • U.S. Department of Defense Clinical Trial Award
  • NIH R01 DK075048 Grant Award

Mitra K. Nadim, MD

  • Faculty Teaching Award, Keck School of Medicine

Nuria M. Pastor-Soler, MD, PhD, FASN

  • Wright Foundation Pilot Grant Award