Preet M Chaudhary

Preet M Chaudhary

Professor of Medicine;Bloom Family Chair in Lymphoma Research;Chief, Nohl Division of Hematology and Center for Blood Diseases in the Department of Medicine;Director for Bone Marrow Transplant
1441 Eastlake Ave. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

Leukemia Lymphoma Society: Translational Research Award, 2008-2011

Leukemia Lymphoma Society: Translational Research Award, 2005-2008

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation: Senior Research Award, 2005-2006

: American Society for Clinical Investigations, 2004

Leukemia Research Foundation: New Investigator Award, 1999-2000

Howard Hughes Institutes: New Faculty Start-Up Award, 1998-2001

Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Foundation: Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1995-1998

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation: Pre-doctoral Fellowship, 1990-1992

: Second Prize in Ophthalmology, 1986

: Gold Medal in Surgery, 1986

: Second Prize in Pathology, 1985

: Distinctions in Anatomy, Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology, 1984-1985

: Honors in First Professional M.B.B.S, 1984

: National Talent Search Scholarship, 1981-1986

: Pre-Medical University Merit Certificate (First Rank in the College), 1981

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Preet M. Chaudhary, M.D., Ph.D. is chief of the Jane Anne Nohl Division of Hematology and Center for the study of Blood Diseases in the Department of Medicine, and coleader of the Molecular Genetics Program at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is also Professor of Medicine, Ronald H. Bloom Family Chair in Lymphoma Research, and Program Director of the USC/Norris Blood and Marrow Transplant Program.

As a physician-scientist dedicated to hematologic oncology, Dr. Chaudhary has research interests in several areas of cancer, including AIDS-associated cancers, cancer drug resistance, biology of normal and leukemic hematopoietic stem cells, programmed cell death and cellular signaling. He is also interested in molecularly targeted and cellular therapies for leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma and solid tumors. Current work in Dr. Chaudhary's laboratory is focused on developing novel strategies to improve the outcome of stem cell transplantation and the use of chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells for the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Chaudhary holds six U.S. patents and has published in some of the top scientific journals, including Cell, Immunity, JNCI, PNAS and Blood. He has served as a peer-reviewer for several national and international cancer research funding agencies and has been elected to the prestigious American Society for Clinical Investigations, an honor society of the top physician-scientists in the country.
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