Collaborate Information

For people interest in collaborating with this Division, the research liaison is Thomas Buchanan, MD.

Faculty Engaged in Scholarly Work:

  • Thomas Buchanan
    • Human observational and interventional mechanistic studies to understand the biology of type 2 and gestational diabetes in humans and develop novel approaches to prevention and treatment (NIH U01)
  • Kathleen Page
    • Multi-disciplinary studies employing metabolic phenotyping, neuroimaging, and behavioral methods to identify changes in CNS that contribute to obesity within and across generations (NIH R01s, Am Diabetes)
  • Shan Luo
    • Psychology, endocrinology, neuroscience to study the pathogenesis of obesity in children, adolescents and young adults (NIH K01)
  • Hussein Yassine
    • Clinical trials, longitudinal studies, imaging studies, cellular and animal models to investigate brain lipid metabolism in onset Alzheimer’s disease, with a focus on APOE4 (NIH R01s, R21)
  • Anne Peters
    • Use of technologies for the treatment of DM; community based participatory research on T1+T2D in underserved communities; lifestyle interventions to prevent cardiovascular disease (NIH U01s, foundation, pharma)
  • Elizabeth Beale
    • Device and nutraceutical studies to develop nutrient delivery into small intestine to mimic endocrine effects of bariatric surgery (USC Coulter Foundation, JDRF [R21 submitted])
  • Carole Spencer
    • Clinical utility of thyroid tests, especially thyroglobulin and Tgantibody (TgAb) measurements to guide management of differentiated thyroid cancer (USC Endocrine Lab). Collaborators: John Nicoloff, Jon LoPresti

Affiliated Centers

USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute