About the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is at the forefront of the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The scope of activities in the Division ranges from the early diagnosis and treatment of patients identified as at risk for cardiovascular disease to cutting-edge medical, device and invasive therapies for patients with established disease. We are dedicated to preventing, treating and expanding the existing knowledge base of the causes of cardiovascular disease to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

The Division has an active clinical practice at Los Angeles General Medical Center, which includes a 10-bed CCU with telemetry capabilities, consultative services and an outpatient cardiology clinic. We provide 24-hour consultation services for general cardiology, interventional cardiology, and electrophysiology. The Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology laboratories are under the supervision of the Division, with programs in interventional cardiology and interventional electrophysiology. The Division also runs a busy STEMI-Receiving Center at Los Angeles General Medical Center. The STEMI program currently holds the number one position for fastest door-to-balloon time in LA County.

The Division has a robust clinical research program with a group of certified coordinators operating through our Clinical Research Unit (CRU). A wide variety of high quality, scientifically ground-breaking protocols are expertly and ethically conducted. Protocols range from NIH funded studies, to multicenter trials to physician generated trials. USC is nationally recognized for the high quality cardiac research it produces.

Vivian Mo, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief Medical Officer of USC Care Medical Group, currently serves as the Interim Division Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine.

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine has created the following task forces to address a number of areas and develop actionable items.

Division Task Force Organization Chart

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the division one of the best in the country. We need to work on the cohesiveness of the Division members and fellows, to add relevant faculty (e.g. heart failure, imaging and EP) and to generate additional NIH supported research. Although there are many hurdles, the future is bright.