About the Division of Body Imaging

We are proud to offer sub specialized expertise and a full range of diagnostic radiology examinations and interventional procedures serving a wide range of patients and disease processes. Our division is the largest in the department, covering all aspects of body imaging. In order to provide the highest quality of care we are divided into the following sub-specialized sections:

In addition to our clinical duties, the Division of Body Imaging takes great pride in the education of our residents, fellows and medical students who rotate through our section. We offer five fellowship positions per academic year as part of our Body Imaging &Intervention Fellowship, Breast & Body Fellowship and Cardiothoracic Imaging & Intervention Fellowship programs.

Our radiologists also serve our local, national and international radiology communities in educational and administrative capacities. Our division includes examiners for the American Board of Radiology; fellows, officers and lecturers for national and international radiology societies; and editors of major radiology journals.