Cell Bank Program

In addition to the routine and customized cell isolation services, ILCC has recently established a Cell Bank that ultimately utilizes the ILCC’s resources and provides NIAAA funded investigators with variety of low-cost cells. The Cell Bank is based on collected and stored fresh or cultured primary cells isolated by the core from the liver of normal or diseased rodent models of liver injury.

ILCC Cell Bank also has limited RNA extracts from the fresh isolated or cultured primary cells from normal or diseased mouse/rat models of liver injury. In general, we will provide a small quantity of the RNA (200-500 ng) free of charge for the purpose of a pilot or feasibility study. If larger quantity is needed, we recommend the investigators to request for the frozen cells through the Cell Bank.

The cells currently available through the Cell Bank include mouse or rat HC, HM, HSC, and LSEC as snap-frozen cell pellets stored at -80oC. Disease models include IG alcohol and control mice, CCl4 or BDL mice or rats.  The lists of cells and RNA samples available from the Cell Bank are shown below.

Available Cell and RNA Stocks: Note: all mice are male C57BL/6J and rats are male Wistar unless specified. Days or wk in the parenthesis indicate the duration of respective treatment prior to isolation. Three to 12 vials are stocked for each listed repository.

Abbreviations in the table: Ac, activated; Alc, alcohol; BDL, bile duct ligation; FACS, cells separated by fluorescence-activated cell sorting; Fresh, stored cells without culture; HC, hepatocytes; HM, hepatic macrophages; HSC, hepatic stellate cells; iG, intragastric infusion model; IM, infiltrating macrophages; KC, Kupffer cells/hepatic macrophages; MACS, cells separated by magnetic-activated cell sorting; PH, partial hepatectomy; Q, quiescent; SEC, sinusoidal endothelial cells.

Rat cells:


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Mouse cells:


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  1. The Cell Bank charges a flat rate of $30/vial of cells which contains a minimum of 5×10^6 freshly isolated or 1×10^6 cultured cells. This rate does not include shipping fee.
  2. The Cell Bank also has a limited repertoire of RNA samples extracted from freshly isolated or cultured primary cells from normal or disease rodent livers. These samples will be shared in a small quantity (200-500ng) free of charge for the purpose of a pilot or feasibility study.
  3. If a larger quantity is required, we recommend that investigators request frozen cells through the Cell Bank or freshly isolated cells from the ILCC.
  4. The identical service priority criteria as above will be considered for implementation of the Cell Bank services.
  5. For more information or to place an order, please contact the Research Laboratory Specialist, Stephanie Pan (stephaqp@usc.edu).